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Ethical Non-Monogamy
                                           Also known as: polyamory, swingers/swinging, open relationship, etc.

polycule laughing together on a bed
trio of women embracing each other holding flowers
Image by Helena Lopes

What is it?

Ethical non-monogamy is an umbrella term used for those individuals who are in other romantic and/or emotional relationships that are outside of the "traditional norm" of monogamous relationships. Those within ethical non-monogamous relationships are those who have romantic and sexual attraction to more than one partner and all partners involved are consenting and aware of the other partners (and may have other partners of their own), which is referred to as "polyamory," but may also include those who have open marriages (where sex is had with other partners, but the emotional needs are not met as much as within the primary relationship), or "swingers" (where a couple will have sex with others together or 'share' partners). However, like monogamous relationships, polycules (the term used for polyamorous people instead of "a couple"), relationships can bring up struggles in intimacy (sexual and non-sexual), communication, and boundaries and this is where a sex positive therapist could help.

female polycule looking for sex positive therapist on computer
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How do we treat it?

Your sex positive therapist will help you and your partner(s) with similar concerns that monogamous couples come in to therapy for: navigating communication, boundaries, sexuality difficulties, interpersonal relationship struggles, and how to discuss the various concerns that have come up within your relationship(s) because of these (and other) issues. Your therapist is coming from a non-judgmental mind-space of the make up of your relationship(s) and you can rest easy knowing your relationship concerns will be met with the same respect and attention as a traditional couple.

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