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"My partner wants me to initiate sex more, but I just don't have the drive." ... "I don't even want to be touched by my partner anymore."

Man crying with rainbow tears
Person holding sign that reads: hello my pronouns are with blank spaces
Gay couple holding each other looking at camera

What is it?

Those who do not feel they "fit in" to the regular hetero-normative binaries for their romantic and/or sexual orientation and/or gender identities often struggle with the judgments, pressure and various forms of discrimination and stress put on them from our culture. Trying to be your authentic self within a culture (i.e., family system, religious system, or larger) can often be mentally taxing, exhausting and isolating if you do not have the proper support in your life. Some people also find themselves struggling with their attractions and what this "may mean" for who they are. 

"LGBTQIA2S+" is an acronym that stands for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, 2-Spirit, etc." -- It has been expanded beyond the "GLBT" acronym to include a wider range of identities, but does not include them all. 

Open hand with a painted pride rainbow with black heart in center
Small block letters on table spell out transgender
rainbow tiny figures stand in front of rainbow

How do we treat it?

Therapy with LGBTQIA2S+ individuals is similar to "typical" therapy you would receive for non-gender or non-sexual/romantic attraction issues, in the sense your experiences, feelings and struggles will be seen, heard and validated throughout your treatment. Your LGBT-friendly therapist will work with you to help reduce those stresses and impacts from the society around you and to help increase your confidence, sense of self, and overall wellbeing with who you feel you are -- not what society says you should be! Because no matter what/who you are romantically or sexually attracted to, no matter what gender (or not) you feel you are, you are human and deserve the same respect, care and validation as anyone else!

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