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About Obsidian Counseling

All of our sex therapists and trauma therapists are independently licensed in the state of Minnesota and are dedicated to providing their clients with a comfortable, casual and non-judgmental space to process their concerns.

What you are experiencing...

The passion feels dull...missing...or it feels like something that causes guilt or shame afterward. Trying to fix it on your own hasn't worked and giving up has crossed your mind. Struggling to fully accept that "this is me" or "why am I this way?" 
It's time to put yourself - your relationship(s) - first. Reaching out for help can sometimes be the hardest part, as you fear being judged, rejected, or deemed hopeless. But that is not true. You are capable of regaining your passion, happiness, and live your authentic self! We can help you discover how.

About us ...

We understand it is not easy to open up and talk about our most personal and intimate (and sometimes shame-inducing) details. This is why we strive to provide all of our clients with a judgement-free, secure, private, and professional (yet comfortable) atmosphere to work through your journey points. We meet you where you are in your life to help you identify and work toward those goals you feel will help you move toward the sense of self-fulfillment and happiness you desire.

Commitment to Clients

As licensed mental health professionals, we are dedicated to providing professional sex positive therapy and trauma-informed therapy services influenced, and informed by, discoveries in our professional fields to provide you with knowledgeable and ethical care. Our therapists take your privacy very seriously and use HIPAA-compliant and confidential practices all throughout your treatment, from the video platform the sessions are conducted on, to the file your information is kept in.

Our Stance

At Obsidian Counseling, we strive to create a safe and validating environment for all of our clients, but especially want to make it known to those in our community who may identify with one/some of those marginalized identities (BIPOC, Native American, Indigenous American, Latinx, Asian American, polyamourous, kinky, LGBTQIA2S+, etc.) that:

          We see you.
          We hear you.
          We value you.
          We stand with you.


And with these values, our therapists commit to continuing to educate themselves about, and increase knowledge in, a range of various cultural, racial and social arenas to create the safest space possible for our clients that everyone deserves. Though we are mere humans and are destined to not get it perfect all of the time, we welcome your feedback to help us further our growth and attempts to progress in to dismantling our own -isms and strive to get closer to an equal world.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Image by Joel Muniz
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