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Men's Sexual Health

"I don't get the same kind of erections as I used to and this is so embarrassing." "I'm too much in my head..."

Man sitting on ledge thinking about starting sex therapy
Man holding his hands thinking of starting therapy
man walking through smoke, looking for help from therapy

What is it?

Common occurrences for men in the category of "sexual health" tend to involve either the quality and frequency of erections, pain during penetration, and/or difficulties with ejaculating (ejaculating too soon or not soon enough). These struggles can often lead to confidence issues, difficulties with desire and sometimes bringing a man to avoid being sexual altogether because of them. Non-sexual intimacy struggles can also lead a man to experiencing some sexual intimacy concerns, so your therapist will help you to understand if any external impacts from stresses, interpersonal relationships or other factors are at play to the concerns.

smiling man in field, relieved after sex therapy session
black man leaning on edge of couch during sex therapy session
group of men supporting each other with group therapy

How do we treat it?

Your sex positive therapist will help you to understand more deeply what are the root causes to the sexuality concern you're facing. With this understanding your therapist will help you to discover ways to combat against the barriers in place, preventing you from experiencing the most pleasure you are able; or increasing overall acceptance and awareness to the natural rhythms and flows of your ever-changing body, sexual desire and typical patterns. It could be recommended, depending on the presenting issue, to ensure no physical condition or issue is happening and causing the struggle, in which case, having a collaborative approach with a medical professional is recommended to increase the options for the best outcomes for your sexual growth. 

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