Our Therapists

Trust and comfort with your therapist is the leading factor that indicates success in therapy! It is vital you are comfortable with your therapist for the most success for your treatment. Our therapists understand, and respect this, and strive to create comfortable and non-judgment spaces for our clients.

Getting Started: What to Expect

Once you have selected the therapist you would like to work with, please contact them directly to be in touch about scheduling or you are welcome to contact Jessica to talk through more of what you're looking for to be placed with the right therapist. The therapist you chose will contact you back to get a session on their schedule and then will send you, through their HIPAA-secure email system, intake paperwork and information which you can conveniently sign and return by simple clicks of a button! Your therapist will also include the information for the telemedicine platform they use and how to log on. 

Once you're connected with your therapist, the first session or two is spent processing the intake paperwork and getting to know you and your presenting problem more in depth. This allows the therapist to collaborate with you on treatment goals that help you to work toward the understanding, healing and growth you're wanting. Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of you and your therapist and payment is due the day of service.

If ever there are any questions in getting things started, please reach out to your therapist directly for the fastest response.

Meet Jessica . . .

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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist (LMFT, CST)

Specializes in Treating:
Out of Control Sexual Behaviors (OCSB, "sex addiction," hypersexuality)
Women's & Men's Sexual Health
Relationship Therapy
Difficulties with Erections and/or Orgasms (female and male)

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Meet Dan . . .


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)

Specializes in Treating:
Out of Control Sexual Behaviors (OCSB, "sex addiction," hypersexuality)
Men's Health
Trauma (sexual & non-sexual)
Anxiety Disorders
Depressive Disorders

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