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Our Approach

Things haven't felt like they used to for some time now...

You have been struggling long enough. Tried so many ways and times to fix things on your own; getting to the point of feeling stuck on what to do next. 

We can help. Seeking help is not a weakness.

Compassionate, non-judgmental care is the cornerstone of our work with our clients, as we understand it has likely taken you some time to finally reach out for help. Our professionals are highly trained and skilled in the treatment of sexuality and most life concerns, so you can rest assured you're getting the level of care and expertise you seek.

Within our work together you will learn to reclaim your sense of self, peace and happiness within your life and sexuality. Whether that is through understanding more about yourself, discovering new ways of being intimate, or accepting your true authentic self, our work together could help bring you that fulfillment you're seeking to reclaim or discover.

Our Services & Mode of Therapy

At this time all therapy is conducted over a HIPAA-secure telemedicine platform to ensure a high level of privacy, as our therapists strive to give our clients the utmost care through the
technological convenience of telemedicine software.

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Group Therapy

Understand you're not alone. Support others and get empathetic support from them. Share commonalities and learn from each other.

Individual Therapy

Explore and discover personal strengths. Overcome your struggles. Increase your self-worth. Feel confident with your sexuality.

Relationship Therapy

Rebuild your connection. Improve your communication. Increase your intimacy with your loved one(s).

Trust & Therapy

At it's core, therapy is about the relationship between you and your therapist. Building a sense of safety and security to be your true, authentic self. This is why trusting your therapist is the largest contributing factor to success in therapy.

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